2 small town teams fight for a win in second round of playoffs

Published: Nov. 10, 2023 at 8:36 PM EST
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BLACKVILLE, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - One of the best things about high school football is the connection, passion, and love teams receive from their fans this time of year.

We explain why high school football means so much to the community of Blackville-Hilda.

Blackville-Hilda had a great turnaround for this season. Last year, they were 2-8. Now, they’re 9-2.

On Friday, they were getting ready to host a second-round playoff game.

For this town, a great season means so much.

“Football is everything. I mean these Friday nights, there isn’t nothing else to do down here but come to the football game,” said Jaquel Holman, junior.

Want to know what football means to Blackville? Just look at the water tower or ask around.

Roger Washington, a fan, said: “That’s what they really breathe down here. Football, football, football.”

Zakia Nix, another fan, said: “I cut some of their hair and the boys come in here and tell me how it’s going with the coaches and the team and they’re just so upbeat about the game and I just love them.”

Coach Kevin Jones’ team is giving them a lot to cheer about.

“They care about it. They’re passionate about it. When things are going well, they’re very, very supportive, and if you don’t make a call they like, they’ll let you know that as well,” said Jones.

He says the turnaround started over the summer.

“The kids really dedicated themselves. We’re a small school. We have less than 160 total students in our whole school, so we have probably less than 80 boys in our whole school, yet we had many days upwards to 50 showing up in the summer,” said Jones.

Tameri Daniels, senior, said: “We’ve been putting a lot of work in. Last year we weren’t really dedicated. But this year, we’ve been really dedicated and we’ve got to turn around and have a great year.”

And a great year is what they’ve had- from 2-8 to 9-2 and hosting a second-round playoff game.

Nix said: “We’re gonna give y’all all our support, and hey, we’re gonna win.”

Washington said: “I’m proud of my team, and the boys for what they’ve done this year, so let’s see if we can get to state. Go Hawks.”

This is a rematch of a regular season game Blackville-Hilda won 34-8, but it was a one-score game in the third quarter.