South Aiken volleyball team prepares for upper state

Published: Oct. 30, 2023 at 10:57 PM EDT
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AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - South Aiken volleyball has always just been right there when it comes to a run for state.

Last year, they fell to their rivals in the upper state. This year, they return with hopes of making it past and into uncharted territory.

One item on South Aiken volleyball’s list has never been checked off.

“It just kind of feels like a fairy tale to be honest,” said Head Coach Cassie McKie.

Last year was the furthest the team has made it in the playoffs, reaching upper state.

“Last year losing in the upper state finals to our rival was such, I think, a feeling for them that they didn’t want to ever happen again. So, we kind of just put it into pile drive this year,” said McKie.

This year, this team didn’t leave much to chance, picking up hard-nosed opponents when they could.

“We’ve been playing against a lot of high-caliber teams and beating them. And, you know, we’ve lost a couple, you know, some high programs and some good, great teams,” she said.

So that the beginning could prepare them for the end.

“I have seven of them. Six true Seniors and then one graduating Junior, so awesome for her. Yeah. And so, I mean, they’ve been with me and with my program since they were either eighth graders or ninth graders. And they’re leaders. Not all of them are as vocal as the rest, but they lead by example. And they literally are in each of the different positions. So, I’m losing somebody from every spot,” she said.

McKie has been with the team for nine seasons. Their record stands at 42-5-1.

“I want to say beasts, but they’re also just like the best teammates. They get it done there and can pass the competitors. They’re very, very high-energy competitors. They discipline themselves well. They work super hard,” said McKie.

Tuesday means back-to-back upper-state appearances for the Thoroughbreds when they host Catawba Ridge.

“Getting to play at the house here. You know, with for my seniors, especially, you know, I’m so very, very excited for them to be able to have this opportunity,” said McKie. “It’s gonna be it’s gonna be an emotional week for me.”