‘A brotherhood’: We find out what makes an 8-man football team

Published: Oct. 27, 2023 at 7:18 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - The game of football can be in all shapes and sizes, and can even have slightly different rules.

Our Will Volk stopped by the Westminster Schools of Augusta to immerse into the Wildcats 8-man football way of life.

Something special is happening at Westminster.

“Out of the three years I’ve been playing, I feel like this is definitely the best team we have all around,” said Levi Ketterman, a junior.

Caleb Franks, a senior, said: “We’re just a brotherhood and we work hard together.”

Levi Murphey, a junior, said: “Even from the beginning in the offseason, you could feel like a different feel like everybody understood what we were working towards and what the goal was.”

The goals? Championship goals are still well within reach as the Wildcats are ranked first in the GIAA 8-man football coaches poll.

Westminster Coach Chris Murphey said: “We’re teaching football at a high level, got some great athletes that love to play the game.”

Murphey is teaching a different form of the game.

Westminster made the switch to 8-man football five years ago because of roster size.

“8-man football really kind of accentuates the individual player’s abilities. It’s kind of hard to hide in a crowd,” said Murphey.

With fewer players out there, individual players get more of the spotlight.

It sounds like a good time for Volk to try football for the first time ever.

The quarterback gave him some pointers on how to take a handoff,

and now let’s do this.

Are they going to catch Volk? “Nope! They Can’t Get Me! Yes! Touchdown!”

“I was surprised, but hey, you’ve got unbelievable speed. We just couldn’t tell. You’re kind of dressed up in a tie and shirt,” said Murphey.

Charlie Grinalds, a junior, said: “I mean you’re a natural. Maybe try out for the league I don’t know.”