Salvation Army in need of donations as food costs continue to rise

Published: Sep. 22, 2023 at 10:21 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - You usually see more Salvation Army volunteers as we start to move into the holiday months.

It’s important as they help people stay out of the cold and help them with the basics, like food.

As the demand for food is growing, the Salvation Army Center of Hope is working to meet that demand.

“We could use a lot more donations,” said Center of Hope Lead Cook, Rodriquez Hall.

He sees the need every day.

“We complain every day about not having, but there’s always somebody worse. And I see it every day,” he said.

In the midst of a staffing shortage, he’s the only cook serving nearly 200 people, every day.

Salvation Army Director of Social Services, Olga Gonzalez, said: “When he has his days off so that he doesn’t burn out, my staff has to step in, which again, we don’t mind. But you’re taking away case management, you’re taking away shelter management.”

It’s why they need all hands on deck to not only feed those in need but to stock the pantry shelves with food.

“We don’t ever want to run out of food or have to tell people no or serve little amounts of food. We want people to be able to eat well and eat well every day,” said Gonzalez.

They need non-perishable foods, ready-to-serve meals from local restaurants, and monetary donations.

“With just $5, you can help feed two people a day here in the shelter. So really, there are many ways to get involved,” she said.

While they’re grateful for every donation, “If it’s something that you wouldn’t feed your family, your children, you know, just be mindful of that. We do sometimes see a little bit of things that are not usable,” said Gonzalez.

So, take a look at your pantry, because you can play a huge part in helping feed those in need.

“Come help us change lives,” said Gonzalez.

To make a monetary donation, please visit the Salvation Army website or contact Derek Dugan, Director of Development at

Community groups interested in contributing meals to serve shelter clients and community residents can coordinate their efforts by emailing Olga Gonzalez at