Lenny the bearded dragon returns home after almost 1 month

Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 6:41 PM EDT
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Augusta, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Some might call it a miracle, but after weeks of searching, a bearded dragon named Lenny is back home.

Lenny was kidnapped after his owner was carjacked a few weeks ago.

When all hope was nearly lost, he somehow ended up at the Kroc Center on some rocks outside. About a four-minute drive or a half-hour walk from where his owner, Lauren Dozier, was carjacked.

“I have my baby back. I have my baby back,” said Dozier.

After 26 days out on the streets, Lenny the reptile says there’s no place home with good crickets and his favorite shoulder.

“He slept on his heating pad last night, had plenty of crickets, and loved the veggies this morning. So he’s seeming like his normal self,” said Dozier.

She says this is a fairy tale she wasn’t expecting.

“I had pretty much braced myself and everything that Lenny was gone because, again, survival instincts for these guys are not great,” said Dozier.

Lenny took Dr. Seuss’s quote “Oh the places you’ll go” to a new level.

“The last moments I saw him, I had a gun held to my stomach and ended up getting carjacked. The guy drove off erratically, and God knows what happened after that, I would love to know if he could tell me,” said Dozier.

While the community was searching in high and low places, Dozier said “They’re like ‘He’s at the Kroc Center’. It’s Broad Street. You know, it’s the exact path that this man took and everything. So this may be really could be Lenny. It was absolute ugly tears. Like I just grabbed him and held him and poor baby. He was so cold.”

It was love at first accent.

“Man, this is my mate. Always talk to him in an Aussie accent. I did get the new dragon. It’s like, I’ve had it for about two weeks. I haven’t been able to talk to an Aussie accent because it doesn’t feel the same because it’s my Lenny, you know. He understands me only in the Aussie accent,” said Dozier.

Dozier offered a $1,000 reward, but the woman who found him told her she didn’t want it and that she would love to donate it to the Kroc Center. Dozier says that’s exactly what she’s doing to help others in need.