Georgia organization helping mothers get baby necessities amid inflation

The organization is collecting donations of diapers, pull-ups and baby hygiene products.
Published: Aug. 29, 2023 at 7:03 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - When an organization asks for donations, it can be easy to forget there is a real person, a real family, on the other side.

In this case, the organization collecting donations is called Helping Mamas. Some of the people on the other side are moms recently released from prison or jail.

“Diapers are the most expensive thing a mother has to buy outside of formula,” said Tabatha Trammell founder of Woman With A Plan, a nonprofit.

Trammell founded Woman with a Plan, to support and empower women recently incarcerated. She has been doing this work for more than 10 years. She does it because of her own story. She spent years in and out of prison and jail, she was pregnant while incarcerated. Trammell said she had substance abuse issues and an undiagnosed mental illness. She wanted help but said she felt as though she had too many barriers in the way. Tabatha has been sober for 14 years now, received treatment for her mental health disorder, and is focused on making life a little bit easier for women who are walking down paths she knows well.

“I call it renewal of the mind because I had to change my mindset to be open to being in rehab, in treatment for my mental illness,” said Trammell.

She is at Helping Mamas picking up donations for mothers in need in her organization.

“Helping Mamas is the baby supply and period supply bank of Georgia. We collect and distribute essential baby items and period products to those who need us the most,” Jamie Lackey, Helping Mamas founder, said.

The organization is collecting donations of diapers, pull-ups and baby hygiene products.

Helping Mamas is getting teams together to collect 300,000 diapers and raise $40,000 for Diaper Need Awareness Week, which is September 18-24. For more information, click here.

“It used to be one in three families struggled with diaper needs. Now, one in two families are struggling to afford diapers and there has been a sharp increase in the need among middle-class families,” said Lackey.

Inflation is also causing people to drop off fewer donations. On the other end of these issues, is a mom, a woman, reaching out for help.

“I am an organization, representing mothers. I am a grandmother representing grandchildren. I am a mother. We need help here. Not only in Gwinnett County but the surrounding counties. Helping Mamas has been a great help to our organization,” said Trammell.

For more information on Woman With A Plan, click here.