‘Speak up, speak out’: Josey High parents show concerns for safety

Published: Aug. 17, 2023 at 8:02 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Parents are questioning how safe schools are after a shooting at Josey High School on Wednesday morning.

We spoke to some parents on Thursday to see how they feel and what they want to see happen going forward.

Two parents share the same love for Augusta and the schools they grew up in. The same schools their children now attend.

“Josey is a good school,” said a mother, who wishes to stay anonymous.


While they don’t want the school system to get a bad name, “I don’t want all the students of Josey and Murphey to be labeled as bad children as problem children, because every school has a child that acts up,” said another mom, who also wants to stay anonymous.

“We just wonder how somebody got the gun in the school,” said the first mom.

Wednesday’s shooting made it clear that changes need to be made.

“Things need to change with the metal detectors and children do not need to bring weapons to school,” said the first mom.

On top of metal detectors for the students, they are asking for wellness programs.

“They need to offer more to the teachers as far as wellness programs, mental health, and I know they have counselors, but the schools need more budget,” said the second mom.

We checked and per student, as of 2020, Richmond County receives more than $10,000 per student at Josey High School. Murphey Middle, where the fight started in the shared cafeteria, receives about $7,300 per student.

At Butler High, where a fight broke out Tuesday, they receive a little more than $8,200 per student.

“I tell my children when you see it looking like it’s about to go down, you go the opposite direction,” said the second mom.

They say school leaders can’t do it all and it’s a community effort to create a safe learning environment.

“You got to speak up, speak out because it has to be known. So everything would be taken care of. Safety measures have to be taught first,” said the first mom.