‘I was flying’: Woman celebrates her 90th birthday by skydiving

A woman celebrated her 90th birthday by skydiving in Arizona. (Source: KPHO)
Published: Jul. 22, 2023 at 2:40 PM EDT
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BUCKEYE, Ariz. (KPHO/Gray News) - An Arizona woman went to new heights to celebrate her 90th birthday.

KPHO reports that Marg Burg had a lifelong dream of going skydiving, and she crossed it off her list on Thursday.

With the help of Skydive Buckeye, the 90-year-old got to celebrate her birthday by jumping out of an airplane.

Burg got inspiration from former President George H. W. Bush when he skydived for his 90th birthday in 2014.

“If he can do it, I can do it when I reach 90,” she said. “Lord never thought I’d reach 90. So, here I am and I’m going to jump.”

After signing the waivers, Burg was put in a harness and was given safety instructions. She then went up to 14,000 feet with several others and took the leap.

She had about a minute of freefall, which turned out to be her favorite part.

“It was great, just like I was flying,” Burg said.

The professional skydiver with her then pulled the chute. It was about a five-minute ride down.

Once Burg got her two feet on the ground, it was all smiles.

Burg was able to celebrate the occasion with her family who came into town from Tennessee.

She also had some advice on living life.

“Do what you want to do while you can still do it,” Burg said.