Clean Energy Roadshow highlights fuel-efficient vehicles

Published: Jun. 27, 2023 at 3:59 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - It’s been four years since the Clean Energy Roadshow made a stop in Augusta.

On Tuesday, it returned to the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Technology Center.

This is not your everyday car show. It was founded by the Vice Chair of the Georgia Public Service Commission, Tim Echols.

The goal is to highlight cars that do not run on gasoline.

“There are so many choices for alternative fuel,” said Echols.

Electric car enthusiasts like Austin Hixenbaugh are getting to see those options.

“We decided to go electric just because of the savings,” said Hixenbaugh. “It’s very cheap to charge them, especially at home or at work.”

There are a lot of destination chargers. He says convenience was also a factor in his decision to switch.

“You can charge at home, and then there’s charging locations everywhere,” said Hixenbaugh. “So there’s a lot of good aspects to it, and I think it’s just going to get better as everybody adopts them.”

Frank Morris is the executive director of Clean Cities Georgia. He said this road show is about getting more people and companies interested in operating electric vehicles.

“If you don’t do these types of roadshows, people don’t get to see these types of vehicles in action,” said Morris. “So these types of events create that awareness.”

He said it also brings attention to how they can help cut down on pollution.

“If a company is able to switch from gas or diesel to natural gas or propane or EV, they are going to be able to cut their emissions. It would be significant if every company started making that shift,” said Morris.

Echols said: “By having more alternative fuel vehicles, you certainly keep your air cleaner.”

He said helping companies and consumers make that choice is what this show is all about.

“It has to be a common sense thing for a lot of these companies, and we want to break it down for them and show them how it works,” said Echols.

They have been doing this show for the last 13 years. They will be showcasing the vehicles like electric school buses and trucks on June 28 in Peach Tree City.

Several of the electric vehicles on display, including Kia and Club Car, are also being manufactured in Georgia.