Dancing the Miller tune: Mother shares sport with daughters

Published: Jun. 4, 2023 at 11:53 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -The Miller family takes ‘dancing to the beat of your own drum’ to a whole other level.

“‘it’s just almost like I’m dancing through them,” said Cara Miller. “I was just hoping it would last you know, because you never know, when they’re small, they kind of just do whatever you want them to do.”

Cara Miller fell in love with dancing at 6 years old, her love of dance took her to the sidelines of arena football teams until she found another love, being a mother to her 3 kids.

“I found out I was pregnant with Claire. And after I had Claire, I realized I was like, You know what, I’m gonna get myself into some really good shape-just really work on my technique, get back to dance,” said Miller.

She flew back and forth from Atlanta with one goal in mind, “I tried out for the Falcons. And I ended up making the team.”

She was on the sidelines for 5 years, now she spends time on another one, “I get butterflies now when I see them dance.” Miller teaches her two daughters Caroline, 13, and Claire, 10, at the Augusta Youth School of Dance.

“I love how my mom dances because she always has so much energy in her dances. She always has facial expressions and smiles all the time, and that’s what who all want to be like,” said Caroline. Caroline was named a regional champion this year, she placed second in the state for gymnastics.

Claire, isn’t far behind from stepping into her sister and mom’s shoes. “I like the different beats and different moves and each thing that you do like jazz, hip hop, tap and ballet.” They do it all with their biggest fan cheering them on. “Hopefully, I’m able to continue to have some kind of influence, in their lives in that way, and that we’ll have that connection forever.”