Even with rain, ‘it’s a beautiful day every day at the Masters’

Play suspended multiple times during the Masters this year, but will that push the tournament into Monday?
Published: Apr. 8, 2023 at 6:48 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. - This Masters Tournament is the rainiest in patrons’ memory.

So rainy that they suspended play at 3:15 Saturday not for storms, but because the course was so soggy.

There’s been a lot of uncertainty about the weather all week long, and Saturday was the day everyone had their eye on.

They were wondering if it would mean a Monday finish.


“I think they let them play long enough that they plan on finishing tomorrow,” said Jared Bielke from Los Angeles. “It’ll finish tomorrow.”

Rene Collum is at her 40th Masters, so she has a little experience.

“One year, it rained so bad we had to finish on Monday, she said. “The only time I had to come back on Monday.”

But it’s been since 1983 since that’s happened. But as for course conditions? Well, let’s just say they weren’t forgiving.

It’s the first Masters for Alex and Ben George.

“The rain was a bummer for sure. We were uncomfortable most of the day, but I’d do it again tomorrow if it was the same weather. Once your toes go numb, you can’t feel it,” they said.

Still, there were smiles on so many faces, even with puddles on the ground and clothes soaked through on Saturday.

Collum said: “We came prepared. You cannot miss a Masters. It’s a beautiful day every day at the Masters.”