Phil Mickelson slims down – and he intends to stay that way

Published: Apr. 7, 2023 at 9:00 AM EDT|Updated: Apr. 7, 2023 at 11:36 AM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. - Those who haven’t been paying attention to LIV Golf probably were a little shocked when they got their first look at a trimmed down Phil Mickelson this week. The three-time Masters champion said he’s lost 25 pounds.

“I stopped eating food; that was a big help,” Mickelson said. “I also lost muscle, so I had to start lifting, and I’ve been lifting and slowly have been getting my speed and strength back to where I need it to be.”

Mickelson said it’s just a healthier path for him.

“Some of these guys out here today, how far and how fast they’re able to swing the club, it’s really amazing,” Mickelson said. “It doesn’t mean that they’re going to win. You still have to hit the shots and manage your way around the game, manage your game around the course. But I’ve got to be in shape to be able to have a speed that allows me to compete.”

What drove him to slim down?

“I think I’m having – I needed something different, and I’m having a lot of fun having three teammates and having a different energy and a fun environment, and I want to play and compete at that level. And I’m going to figure it out,” he said. “Like I’m not scoring well, but I’m not playing bad either. So I’m hitting, like I say, a lot of good shots. I want to give myself a chance to play for a few years and experience a new format and something new and exciting and be with teammates. So I’m having fun, and if I’m not in shape, I can’t do it.”


And it looks like he’ll try to keep up the dieting.

“I want to be healthy and well and not have any issues and not have any cardiac issues and not have any – like I want to be fit and be able to enjoy life because this is a really fun chapter right now for Amy and I,” he said.

“That’s kind of another big motivator. But when your body, when you rely on your body to be able to do your job, it’s a lot easier to be motivated to stay fit and get healthy and be well and so forth than if you’re not. Like if you don’t need to do that, it’s a lot harder to be motivated.”