Army Cyber Command signs partnership with AU to recruit local talent

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 4:45 PM EST
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Augusta is a national hub for cyber defense. That’s why the Army Cyber Command at Fort Gordon and Augusta University signed an agreement making sure we stay that way.

The agreement offers two new degrees online from Augusta University using resources from the Army Cyber Command center. But it doesn’t stop there.

Here’s how they are going into the community to recruit local talent to keep them in Augusta.

“The connection is very important because we’re actually giving back to the community, and they see us as an integral partner within the Augusta area,” said U.S. Army Cyber Command Marilyn Brown.

In 2021, AU was picked as part of the Viceroy Award. The goal is to guide local high school students to join AU’s cyber programs so they can join the local workforce at Fort Gordon.

They’ll take tours on post and give them hands-on experience.

“Being able to take the students that are graduating from high school then going to Augusta university, where we can start them off doing internships. Then we can hire them on a permanent basis when they graduate, and that continues to expand the partnership with the university,” said Brown.

Lauren Wheeler is one of the students who took advantage of what the U.S. Army Cyber Command was handing out.

“Cyber is a safe degree to go to,” she said. “It got me really into it and helped me decide to make this my degree when I go to August University.”

Cierra Williams is another example of a local student helping local industries.

“Being a local and having that opportunity to be a voice for other students and know that I’m a local student and didn’t come from a tech background but I’ve learned to love it,” she said.

This program allows students to control their own destinies after college.

“Working in cyber, there’s a purpose for it. Whether it’s saving lives or helping our nation in any way,” said Williams.