‘I was in shock’: Friend remembers mom-to-be killed in crash

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 5:30 PM EST
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - A Burke County family is devastated by the loss of a pregnant mother and her unborn child.

The mother, Anniebel Hall, was just 24 years old.

Not only was she a mother, but she was also a wife and friend whose family says left an impact on everyone she met.

We spoke with a friend who says she’s still trying to process that her friend is gone. Outgoing, kind, and loving.

Those are the characteristics friends and family say they’ll miss about Anniebel Hall.

Morgan White says she and Anniebel were just together this past Friday, and never would have imagined that would be the last time seeing her.

“We were just together. If it would have happened just a few days prior, I could have been in the car or, you know, I mean, just anything could have happened,” said White.

You can see the markings on the road, broken glass, and car fragments where the accident happened and the path to where the car landed. White says her age makes it all seem surreal and says she’ll never forget the moment she got the news.

“I was like, you’re lying, like, don’t even play like that. That’s not funny. And then she sent me the article. And I mean, sure enough, I mean, I was, I was in shock when I read it. It was, it was actually very terrifying,” she said.

Hall loved crafts, food, and Disney music. Morgan says she’ll keep her memory alive by listening to their favorite songs and eating their favorite food.

“When I found out that was the first thing I did is I put on the playlist that we used to listen to. It just took me back to happier times. It just made me remember her as that way, you know? Happy, fun, singing and, you know, just loving and enjoying life,” she said.