Martin Luther King’s daughter spreads unity one page at a time

‘It starts with me,’ that’s the message Dr. King’s daughter is sharing with a new children’s book, how she’s continuing her father’s legacy.
Published: Jan. 16, 2023 at 8:23 PM EST
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ATLANTA (WRDW/WAGT) - “It starts with me” is the message Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter is sharing through a new children’s book that’s continuing her father’s legacy.

Dr. Bernice King is sharing her father’s passion for creating a change by inspiring others.

“Stop waiting on the next leader the next Martin Luther King Jr. the political elected official, teachers and even students, it starts with you,” King says.

She shares a message that can shake you to your core, using animated characters and colorful pages.

“During this time of year I become very functional,” King says.

The daughter of civil rights leader MLK shares his passion for creating change.

It jumps off these pages to reach the youngest generation, in her children’s book ‘It starts with me!’

Its’ a great starter for how children can start learning how they can change our world.

Bonita Hampton Smith with the King center held a special signing and reception for the book.

”We wanted children to engage too so this book throughout will show them how to deal w conflict how to deal w problems social issues. The children’s book holds meaning for all. Changing the world starts from within,” Smith says.

King shares, “It starts with having a love centered mindset so you’re addressing, confronting, engaging whatever it is, you’re doing it in the right spirit heart and attitude and then we can begin to create the world we all wanna live in.”