Arrested man swallowed razor blade, Aiken County deputies say

Kenneth Poston
Kenneth Poston(Contributed)
Published: Jan. 13, 2023 at 4:19 PM EST
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BEECH ISLAND, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - A man underwent emergency surgery after swallowing narcotics and a razor blade, plus resisted arrest for allegedly assaulting an elderly relative, according to authorities.

According to Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, deputies initially responded to a disturbance call Dec. 21 in the 3100 block of Townsend Street.

The victim told deputies Kenneth Poston, 29, was threatening his elderly relative and destroying his home.

The victim then told deputies Poston had become extremely agitated and angry as he asked for money to buy drugs.

When he was refused, he became violent and started to smash drywall in the living room with a large wooden club, the victim told authorities.

The victim told authorities he became fearful of Poston, who had threatened to assault him.

According to authorities, the victim stated that Poston began to yell, “Call my mom or I’m going to beat you to death” while holding the wooden club.

According to the arresting deputies, while being escorted to a patrol vehicle, Poston began to jump back into deputies in a bucking motion.

Once secured in the vehicle, he began to headbutt the partition, deputies said. Poston was secured in protective headwear to prevent him from harming himself, according to deputies.

Then Poston began to kick the rear windows of the vehicle, he was then hobbled and continued to kick the vehicle’s windows while trying to remove his hobble, according to authorities.

Poston was immediately transported to Aiken Regional Medical Center for jail clearance after he alleged that he had swallowed narcotics and a razor blade.

X-rays revealed that he he had indeed swallowed a razor blade and would require surgery to remove it from his small intestine. Poston was admitted into the center for surgery.

Authorities said they planned to charge him with malicious injury to real property, resisting arrest, and assault and battery in the first degree.