‘We gotta have water’: Water service disruptions continue in the CSRA

Published: Dec. 27, 2022 at 5:35 PM EST
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THOMSON, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Water suppliers across the CSRA have had to make some big changes because of all of the busted pipes and water lines.

Water trickles down the street; it’s not rain, instead busted pipes causing water to rush down the streets. This is causing multiple water outages, leaving many realizing how crucial it is to have water.

“We gotta have water. Gotta have water. I was a little afraid that this could go on for a couple of days more,” said Sara Newton, resident.

Newton has lived in Thomson for the last 66 years.

Over the past few days, she and many others had little to no water pressure.

“I wanted to wash some dishes, and the water was just barely coming out,” she said.


All from what McDuffie County says was the perfect storm of conditions to wreak havoc on the hundreds of miles of pipes not only in McDuffie but the entire CSRA.

Including Tobacco and Morgan roads in Augusta which Augusta utilities says will take longer than expected to fix. As well as outages throughout the city of Aiken, causing those to improvise to conserve and have water.

“I took tall glasses in the kitchen and put ice cubes in there because I thought if I get thirsty or when I take my medicine, I have to have some water,” she said.

McDuffie County residents are under a precautionary water boil as the water continues to go back to full capacity.

The county says once the water comes back on, it could show more leaks they weren’t able to see at first. They’re continuing to send crews out to look for specific leaks in order to repair them as soon as possible.

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