Burke County high school students learn trade skill opportunities

Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 6:34 PM EST
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WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - College may not be in the cards for everyone.

That’s why a program in Burke County is showing students other options in the trade schools. We spoke to students and staff to see how this program works.

Whether it’s truck driving, welding, or healthcare and water treatment, students at Burke County High School are learning about different trade careers.

Jada Curd is a senior. She said, “A lot of students don’t understand there are ways to be successful outside the college pathway and the mobile workshop gives them different simulations of different skilled trades.”

Marshall Flowers is also a senior. He said, “It’s quick and like really easy to get going on. Once you get going on it, you can make really good money from it.”

Another student who participated said it opened his eyes and his mind to what opportunities are out there.

Joshua Godbee said: “I wasn’t really thinking about truck driving before this. I can get it within a short time of graduating high school, and I can start making money and then move into college to start taking my courses to advance.”

This exposure doesn’t begin and ends here. They also have classes that teach students about trades like auto mechanics, electrical work, and robotics.

It’s all about helping them be successful and find the right career after graduation.

CTAE and Federal Program Director Sean Middleton said: “The trades are an excellent opportunity right now. It’s wide open as far as hiring and wanting kids to come into the workforce. We want our kids to have that foundation and expose them to those opportunities out there.”

They’re hopeful it will allow them to help students find jobs here at home.

“We want our kids to stay here. We want our talent to stay here, and we want to continue to help this community prosper,” he said.

The students are thankful for these opportunities.

Godbee said: “We need these opportunities to see what we can do and what we can accomplish within a couple of years of graduating high school.”

The school district says they have some other programs coming to help expose students to jobs in Burke County. Those include jobs that could give them the training they need to jump-start that career.