What the Tech: Google Nest Hub vs. Amazon Echo Show

Published: Dec. 2, 2022 at 6:01 PM EST
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - The two most popular smart assistants are the Amazon Echo Show (which uses Alexa) and the Google Nest Hub which has Google Assistant.

Both devices are very similar. Both can give the weather forecast, read the top news stories of the day, answer questions, and tell jokes.

They both can be used as digital picture frames to show photos from phones and cloud storage.

Their similarities matter less when it comes to which one is best for you or someone on your gift list.

The biggest difference is how these devices interact with other smart devices in your home. The Echo is the only device that can monitor and stream live video from Ring doorbells and Blink security cameras. The Echo can also control other Amazon products such as Eufy robovacs.

They’re also best if you have other Echo devices in the house to make announcements throughout each room.

You can shop Amazon through the devices and make video calls from one Echo Show to another no matter where they are located.

If someone in your distant family has an Echo show you can place calls using the camera. The Google Nest Hub has no camera and doesn’t control or stream video from Ring doorbells and Blink Security cameras.

It does many things better though. The Nest Hub has Google Assistant built-in, so it is better if you’re looking for a true assistant to help with adding calendar events to Google Calendar which will be displayed anywhere you use the app or the Google Chrome browser.

It’s also best for watching live TV and movies. Google Nest Hub will play live videos from YouTube TV and play music from Google Music.

It also plays Netflix content. The Echo Show can only play movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime Video.

Both can play music from Spotify. If you’re using one of these assistants to watch videos, we suggest the Google Nest Hub for its larger screen and better speaker. Both are on sale through the holidays.

The Google Nest Hub is half-price at $49.99 at most retailers while the Echo Show 5 is around $35, but you can find better deals by bundling it with other Amazon devices.

Since Amazon and Google choose to not play nice with each other, you cannot purchase the Google Nest Hub from Amazon. Walmart only carries the Google Nest Hub.

Some retailers such as Best Buy and Target sell both devices. Which one is right for you? It depends on what other devices you use and what you use them for.

For a true work assistant to sit on your desk and help with everyday tasks, We recommend the Google Nest Hub. It also serves as an extra screen to watch YouTube videos, stream YouTube Music, and monitor news or sports shows from your primary computer workstation.

For connecting with family through voice announcements and video calls, the Echo Show is best but only for Amazon Prime Members.