‘Get Out the Vote’ rally encourages voters to cast their ballot

Published: Nov. 28, 2022 at 11:17 PM EST
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - It’s the first full week of early voting in Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoff, and people are taking advantage.

You have this week of early voting and election day to cast a ballot. There was a “Get Out the Vote” rally Monday, and we were there asking leaders how they’re motivating their party to get out and vote.

Voters are gathering to express support for their candidate of choice and sharing the issues that bring them to the polls.

The message was loud and clear. The crowd was craving something big.

“People are hungry for change,” said District 1 Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

The ability to make change is the common theme.

“We understand that the power to change this state, the influence to change this state only happens when we show up and make it happen,” he said.

Across Richmond County, voters are showing up in record numbers.


“Voters are excited. Voters are energized,” said Johnson.

Some even came from out of state to spread the energy, including some union members.

International Union of Painter and Allied Traders Dan Lafrance said: “I got down here today from Upstate, New York. I’ll be door knocking, going door to doors, making sure people are getting out to vote and asking them to revote and to make sure they reach out to their friends and family and neighbors and get them to get out and vote.”

Richmond County Republicans are doing the same, making phone calls daily and walking neighborhoods. They are also using social media to remind people to vote.

In this crunch time before election day, plans are in the works to get people to the polls.

“I’m hoping to see that a lot of people are interested in getting out to vote and finishing off this election,” said Lafrance.

No matter where people stand, the thing that unites this room and beyond is the power behind the vote.

Johnson said: “After you cast your ballot, go grab your mom, grab your cousin, grab your coworkers… knock on some doors because what’s at stake in this election is so important.”

More than 5,900 voters hit the ground running Monday in Richmond County, beating the previous record of 5,400 set back on the last day of advanced voting in 2016.