What deputies, school officials say about football shootings

Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 6:52 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Authorities haven’t said whether there’s a link between two shootings at high football games in Richmond County, but three people have been arrested and one suspect is being sought.

Deputies say Marquis Lee was arrested Sunday after a shooting at a tailgate party after the Josey High School homecoming game. He’s charged with having a weapon on school grounds.

Deputies say Jamel Robinson is still wanted for aggravated assault and having a weapon on school grounds.


Roosevelt Demmons and Santana Mance were arrested and charged in a shooting Friday night outside the stadium during a game at Laney High School. Both face aggravated assault charges.

The Richmond County School System is one of the few local districts that haven’t recently enacted restrictions at games – ranging from requiring that items be brought in only in clear bags to parental accompaniment of youths under a certain age.

With Laney High’s homecoming game on Friday, we checked in with deputies and school board members to see if they have any plans for extra security measures going forward.

Right now, Richmond County School Board President Charlie Hannah says no.

He says there are initial thoughts on the drawing board but no changes yet. The word we got from the board of education is that as of now, the county says even what happened, it’s still safe to go to games.

“Is it safe to come to the events? Yes, it’s safe,” said Chief Deputy of Operations with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office Patrick Clayton.

He says even with these events taking place on back-to-back days, there was a certain motive beyond what happened,

“What I know so far with both of these events is that these were people that came looking for trouble, and they found it,” he said.

Hannah also says to not be alarmed.

“At the end of the day, when people come inside an event in the school system, they should feel safe,” he said.

Authorities are continuing to strive for safety inside and outside the stadium.

“We’re always assessing the situation, including the outside perimeter. That’s always an assessment,” said Hannah.

The sheriff’s agency is looking to help when situations outside the stadium could occur.

Clayton said: “When the events are closing is for us to supplement their manpower and have a higher presence just to make everyone feel safer.”

Hannah says we cannot stop supporting the students because of these events.

“If we stopped doing what we’re doing as a society and join ourselves and supporting our children. We’re giving them the victory. Let’s not give the bad guys the victory,” said Hannah.