Lander University professor caught on camera comforting student’s baby during class

A Lander University professor was recently caught on camera comforting a student's baby during class
Published: Sep. 13, 2022 at 11:29 PM EDT
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GREENWOOD, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Peterra Richburg brought an unexpected guest to her Math 201 class at Lander University, her two-month-old daughter Aria.

“I was really nervous like everybody was going to be like why does she have a baby with her,” said Richburg.

After a change in childcare that day, Richburg brought her daughter to class.

Her classmates and professor, Dr. Samuel Reed, were excited for Aria to join them for the hour and 15-minute class.

Aria fell asleep after being fed, but when Richburg went to the restroom, her daughter woke up and started crying.

“I thought, well, I could either just pick her up and see if I could comfort her or I could let her keep crying and try to teach over top of a crying baby,” said Reed.

So the Associate Professor of Mathematics at Lander University comforted the two-month-old while teaching the day’s lesson.

“Some of my students were like, oh my goodness, he just picked up this baby. And I quickly reassured them I’m a dad, I know what I’m doing. Everything is going to be okay,” he said.

Richburg took some photos of Reed holding her child and shared them on social media.

“From the time I told my advisor that I was pregnant and like I was scared I was going to leave Lander, move back to Charleston and just go to Charleston Southern and be two years behind. I was like I have to leave because I was like I don’t know what I was going to do but they helped me every step of the way,” she said.

On top of studying Elementary Education, Richburg is raising her newborn, commutes an hour one way to get to class, and drives DoorDash some nights to earn extra money.

“It’s hard, but I got it,” said Richburg.

Doctor Reed wants to help Richburg achieve her goals in any way he can, just like many other professors at Lander University.

“She is just such a bright and capable student I really couldn’t be more proud,” he says. “We’re dedicated to serving our students.”

Reed says Aria is welcome back to his class anytime. However, while Richburg wants to bring her back to campus at some point, she doesn’t know if Aria will be in attendance for Math 201 again anytime soon.