Website breaks down ballot for Georgia voters ahead of Election Day

Published: Sep. 9, 2022 at 4:07 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - There is a new resource voters can use to better understand candidates and issues on the ballot this October. New Georgia Project created a website called ReadySet.Vote. You type in your address and the site starts breaking down the voting process for you.

“We can point to other states and other jurisdictions where it is easy to vote, where there is same-day registration...where they mail ballots to every registered voter,” said New Georgia Project CEO Nsé Ufot.

The site also tells you what each job that you’re voting for actually does. Gabriel Posey led the project. He says the site uses information from a candidate’s website and social media pages to present the voter with unbiased information. Each candidate’s ideas are categorized by topics: economy, workers’ rights, environment, education, and public health.

“What we want people to be able to do is have every piece of information possible. An educated voter is an empowered voter,” said Gabriel Posey, with New Georgia Project.