Family frustrated by lack of answers on missing mom

Published: Sep. 5, 2022 at 7:13 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 5, 2022 at 11:41 PM EDT
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WAGENER, S.C. - An Aiken County mother has now been missing for 17 days.

Krystal Anderson’s family reported her missing on Aug. 23 after she was last seen outside her home in Wagener on Aug. 20.

Her family is growing frustrated with what they say is little response from law enforcement.


Anderson’s family said last week that something is wrong. They say she wouldn’t disappear without her kids.

After 17 days, we took a look at Anderson’s TikTok. On average, she posts four videos a day. Last month, she only posted one video – two weeks before her disappearance.

While the silence from her social media presence grows louder for members of her family, the silence they feel from law enforcement is beginning to make them angry.

“She’s a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend,” said her sister Shadira Smothers. “She has four children that she needs to come back to.”

As law enforcement officers launch the second week of their search, the family says there are few answers.

“I don’t know what proof of a missing person you need besides that person being missing,” Smothers said.

“I just feel like when it comes to women of color, we’re overlooked when it comes to us coming up missing.”

Aiken County investigators say they’re conducting a bigger search for Anderson.

The 30-year-old mother of four was reported missing August 23.
The 30-year-old mother of four was reported missing August 23.(Sharida Smothers)

They’ve sent notifications to all surrounding agencies, and she’s listed in a national database as a missing person.

But her sister feels it isn’t enough – especially since the family believes Anderson’s life is in danger.

“My nephew stated the night that she went missing, he asked my nephew was his mother out with another man. And my nephew told him yes. And they were outside fighting outside the trailer. And he heard his mother’s screaming,” Smothers said.

After that, Anderson’s son told his family he saw a man put his mother in a trunk, according to the family.

“It’s just been hard,” Smothers said. “It’s been hard on all of us.”

We asked the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office at what point law enforcement agencies launch a search. Investigators said they’re already conducting one.

We asked If there was a person of interest? Deputies say at this time, no.

The family says they wont stop looking until they find answers.

“And then I try to have faith and think that she’s OK, you know, that she’s OK,” Smothers said.

“We are not going to ever stop looking for you until we bring you home.”