Zoo Atlanta uses TikTok to continue conversation around conservation

“We are very much, primarily, a conservation organization”
Zoo Atl uses Tiktok to talk about conservation
Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 7:01 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - There are new TikTok stars in town! Some have massive ears, others walk with their arms. We are talking about animals at Zoo Atlanta. The Zoo is putting its animals in the spotlight to talk about ways our community can help protect them.

If you grew up going to the Zoo, what kind of memories do you have associated with those trips?

Were you a child, leaning against the fence of an exhibit, trying to get as close as you could to the animal on the other side?

Are you an adult now, whose love for the zoo never died?

”We are actually here celebrating my 30th birthday,” said Julia Cherry.

Zoo Atlanta believes they have created a space that is about connection; the connection between an animal and you.

”The flamingos, they are my favorite,” said Hunter Medders.

The idea is the connection isn’t only made at the Zoo but online too. The Zoo Atlanta team recently posted a TikTok video called, A Day in the Life of an Elephant Care Professional. The video has more than twenty-nine thousand views.

”Show us the actual reality of caring for animals, even if you think it is boring because we find that people don’t think it’s boring,” said Brooke Fortune with Zoo Atlanta.

”We are very much, primarily a conservation organization,” said Fortune, ”It allows us that straight pipeline...to other younger demographics that not only have an interest but have a pretty dire need to invest in conservation, preservation, and better stewarding our earth.”