‘This guy really loves me’: Simon Powell’s family speaks out

Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 11:16 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - It is going to take at least six months for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to identify the remains found in a pond off Highway 56.

But for now, Simon Powell’s family is ready to open up about how they feel.

It has been a long six years for the family of Simon Powell.

Back in June when we spoke with them, they just wanted answers, and now everything is coming to light.


“He means the world to me. I wish I could see him again,” said Tanesha Thomas, Powell’s niece. “We just gone pray about it and keep going.”

They shared who Powell was and what he means to them.

“He was more than just a stepdad. He was my dad. He raised me from a young age,” said Sherika Holmes, Powell’s stepdaughter. “If I can describe him in one or two words it would be just an awesome guy all around. More than two or three words because he was just an awesome guy.”

Powell’s family remembers him as a family man, a one-of-a-kind guy, a patriarch.

Powell’s stepson, James Mobley, said: “Over time, I just realized that the things he told me and shared with me in life I was like this guy really loves me and cares about me.

The family says their faith has sustained them all of these years and never gave up hope for answers.

Thomas said: “Cause you got to think about see six years ago we didn’t have anything. Three years ago, we still didn’t have anything so if the last two months we had a whole lot going on in it really just coming together.”

Holmes said: “I thank God we finally got answers but it’s still an emptiness because he meant a lot to us, he meant a lot to the community.”

As you can imagine the pain is still there and they say it’s unexplainable.

Mobley said: “It’s still frustrating because we don’t know for sure.”

Thomas said: “Not 100% better but I’m a little better.”

Holmes said: “And to know that he’s not here anymore is kind of hurtful because I accomplished a lot, and he didn’t get a chance to see it and I accomplished it because of him and what he taught me.”

Simon’s family says their prayers were answered through their faith and will continue to keep his legacy alive.

They also want to thank the Burke County Sheriff’s Office for all the hard work put into this case so far.

Mobley said: “Simon meant so much to us were naming our child after him.”

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