Newton County man gored by buck in his backyard, officials say

Newton County man gored by deer in his backyard
Newton County man gored by deer in his backyard(Wildlife Resources Division - Georgia DNR)
Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 5:25 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - An investigation is underway after officials say a Newton County man was gored by a buck in his backyard.

A shocking video released by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division on Facebook shows the shocking encounter with the buck.

A man appears to be wielding a broomstick at the deer to ward it off. Seconds later, the deer charges at the man and pins him down. The video pans out for a split second before showing the man laying on the ground.

According to officials, “while this buck had shown no prior aggression, he was a recognized guest amongst area residents. As a growing fawn, the act of feeding and interacting with this deer seemed harmless. However, as the buck matured, the testosterone kicked in.”

As testosterone levels rise, antlers mineralize and harden and bucks increase their sparring frequency and intensity to establish dominance and breeding rights. In the wild, deer ensure their distance from humans. Once that fear of people has dissipated, however, an aggressive, testosterone-filled buck can become extremely dangerous.”

DNR officials say, “if you observe tame or pet deer, please contact the Law Enforcement Division - Georgia DNR Ranger Hotline at 1-800-241-4113. While you may hesitate to call due to the potential for the animal to be euthanized, please know that you are doing the right thing. It reduces the risk of human injury, improper care and treatment of the animal, and disease transmission.”