Waynesboro former council member gets ready to be mayor

Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 11:18 PM EDT
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WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Waynesboro is getting a new mayor.

A former councilman will be serving the rest of Mayor Greg Carswell’s term.

Carswell plead guilty to multiple felony charges, which caused him to lose his job. His replacement, a long-time city councilman, is ready to gain back community trust.

Tinley has not officially been sworn in, but he’s hitting the ground running. The Waynesboro native has a lot of things he wants to accomplish, and growth is at the top of his list.

“We are on the threshold for a lot of potential, and I feel like we will work and continue at it and take advantage of it,” said Tinley.

Serving 30 years as a council member, he will now serve as mayor.

“I’ve got the experience, and hopefully that will help. I’m older and wiser now maybe that will be a benefit to our community,” he said.

This new platform will allow him to fix things he has always wanted but never had the power.

“I was really disappointed in 1992 when the dilapidated houses were still around, and now that I am mayor, I am going to see if I can get something done about dilapidated housing,” he said.

Tinley says homes with caved-in roofs and overgrown grass take away from Waynesboro’s beauty.

“I would like to see folks that own that property either give it to the city or rehab it. If it needs to be eliminated, clear that lot off, and let’s get someone to build a house there,” he said.

New growth comes next. It starts with filling downtown storefronts.

“We’ve got a vibrant downtown, and I think when you have a lot going on downtown that kind of adds to a lot of interest and enthusiasm throughout the community,” said Tinley.

Over the next 14 months, he hopes to see changes he and council members are making to put Waynesboro on the map.

“Hopefully we can harness those strengths and get rid of the weaknesses and let everyone know what a good town Waynesboro is,” said Tinley.

Tinley’s full agenda will come after he is officially sworn in as mayor of Waynesboro.

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