‘Interstate Angel’ turns stand still traffic into a concert for Atlanta drivers

Published: Jul. 6, 2022 at 7:15 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Interstate tranquility! A harpist caught on camera serenading drivers in the middle of Interstate 85. Her songs bringing a moment of peace to hundreds of metro Atlanta drivers. Many are now calling her the “Interstate Angel.”

It looks staged. It looks like a scene from a rom-com movie.

”I had just played at the Atlanta Country Club and there was standstill traffic,” Haily Ann Smith said.

Not even Hollywood could recreate a moment this genuine.

”People were getting into their coolers like they were on vacation. Someone was throwing a Frisbee,” said Smith, “I thought, you know what? ‘I am in a performance gown already and I am going to get the harp out and set it up in the very middle of the interstate.’ I probably won’t get this opportunity again.”

Hailey is living her childhood dream of playing the harp. This instrument is not just a way to pay the bills, Hailey loses herself in the music; using her harp as a tool, to connect people to a common sound, a common feeling.

”I feel like music is just the thing that makes people happy. It is the thing that connects every moment in life,” said Smith.

That common feeling can create unity and unity is a powerful thing, in a world that feels heavy and at times, overwhelming.

”People gathered around and they were videoing. It was just a really happy moment for what could’ve been a really stressful evening,” said Smith.

People are now calling Hailey “the Interstate Angel.” She is just hoping people find a way to keep the music moving forward.

”Wherever you are, share joy. There are so many opportunities to do that, if we keep our eyes open. even when we are sitting in traffic on I-85,” said Smith.