11-year-old fundraising to bring financial literacy bus to Georgia kids

Published: Jun. 30, 2022 at 5:53 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - What were you doing at 11 years old?

If you are anything like me, it looked nothing like it does for Caden Harris.

“I have written three books,” said Caden.

”Hello, my name is Kennedi. I am 12 years old and I develop my very own line of kids supplements,” said Caden’s sister 12-year-old Kennedi Harris.

”We run multiple companies. We have a couple of real estate companies, we have a home health company and we recently launched an aviation company and a publishing company. I have written 36 books,” said Caden and Kennedi’s dad, Dr. Sean J. Harris.

The dreams in this family are big and so are the results.

”My business helps kids learn about financial literacy in a fun and interactive way!” said Caden.

Caden is a CEO and an author. He is also about two weeks away from his biggest project yet. He bought a bus.

Yes, this 11-year-old bought a $10,000 bus.

”They think that my parents bought it or it was handed down to me but I bought it with my own money,” said Caden.

The bus is being transformed into a mobile financial literacy classroom for Georgia kids.

”It will have a mock bank, a mock grocery store, and even a mock stock exchange,” said Caden.

Kids will learn how to create a budget, deposit and withdraw money even buy and sell stocks.

”We don’t have to wait until we are adults to learn what an asset, a liability, a dividend, a loan. We can learn about those things now,” said Caden.

The bus is getting worked on now. Caden has been fundraising to finish the interior. He is about $10,000 away from his goal.

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This all feels like very serious stuff for an 11-year-old so I asked Caden what he likes to do for fun. Apparently, the kid does a little karate too!