What the Tech: Apps can help you save on gasoline, groceries

Published: Jun. 8, 2022 at 8:05 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Gas prices continue rising with some stations raising the price of a gallon of gas 25 cents overnight.

Prices at the grocery store are going up too, making it more difficult for families to make ends meet.

A lot of people don’t like downloading a ton of apps on their phones, but there are some apps to save you money at the grocery store and the gas pump.

GasBuddy finds the lowest prices on gas. You’ll need to give it permission to track your location to show stations near you and their price per gallon.

With some stations raising prices a day before others, you could save as much as 36 cents per gallon.

You can see them on a list, or on a map. prices are reported by other gas buddy users so pay attention to how recent the last confirmed price is because they’re going up so fast.

Upside doesn’t find cheap gas prices but gives cash back when you fill-up. You’ll need to go to a participating service station, gas up then take a photo of the receipt. You pay the actual price, but the difference is loaded in an Upside account. You can claim your cash back when it reaches $15. It’s not always a savings though; some non-participating stations may have a bigger price difference than what you’ll earn.

Before going to the grocery store, check out the app Flipp. It shows the most recent store circulars to compare prices. You can create a shopping list and see which stores have the best prices on what you need to get. It’ll also clip coupons you can use at the register.

All of these apps do track your location and can gather other information if you sign up for an account through Facebook, but people who use the apps say they really do save money.

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