After school shooting, group of dads makes students feel safe

A ‘Be There Dad’ group ramped up their efforts to make students feel more comfortable going to class.
After the school shooting in Uvalde, kids may feel scared going back to class.
Published: May. 29, 2022 at 9:34 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - After the school shooting in Uvalde, kids may feel scared going back to class.

“It hurts as a parent. It could be any of our kids,” said a dad, Peyton Brown.

“At times it really feels like we’re just kind of locked in and there’s no real change happening.”

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Brown is a part of a ‘Be There Dad’ group in Highland, an organization aimed to get dads more involved in school.

While they go to schools and welcome kids every Friday, Brown asked the group to come in more days last week after the tragedy in Texas.

“We try to do our small part knowing how stressful it is, like what can we do to help?” he explained.

“Some kids know about it, some kids don’t. But we try to just kind of uplift, cheer them up, high-five them, get them going because...I can only imagine having that feeling and then having to walk into a school and then having to sit down and take a test.”

He said students and many more have appreciated the gesture.

“Teachers cry and give you a hug, parents get out of their car and come out and say thank you,” said Brown.

There are several ‘Be There Dad’ groups in the area that work to welcome, help and mentor students.

You can find out how to start one at your school here.

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