Local families look for relief during formula shortage

Published: May. 18, 2022 at 6:17 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - We’re continuing our coverage of the baby formula shortage felt nationwide.

The Children’s Hospital of Georgia confirms it’s seen local babies hospitalized for nutritional issues stemming from the shortage.

Some relief may finally be in sight. The FDA just reached an agreement to reopen a major plant for production. But still, it could take months for more supplies to hit local stores.

The plant’s expected to be running in two weeks. Then it’ll take another six to eight before products can hit store shelves. Most local grocery stores are bare or empty. It’s leaving moms and many of you across the CSRA in a tight spot.

But, one local business is looking to help ease some of your stress.

The shelves at local grocery stores are giving flashbacks of the toilet paper fiasco at the beginning of the pandemic.

Except here, what’s missing is essential for babies.

“Formula has been very hard to find,” said Kristy Rogers, mother of four.

She holds one of the only formulas her 4-month-old can have. He isn’t able to breastfeed and is allergic to cow’s milk.

“We’ve traveled over two hours to find formula,” she said.

Her doctor has been able to supply them with food until now.

“Not being able to feed my child scares me. Not having the formula, the food, and the nutrients he needs is scary,” she said.

In Evans, Bottom Line Bakery and Cafe is working to ease the stress moms are feeling.

Kelsey Burack, owner said: “They’re already super moms, and they’re doing everything for their kids and to be able to give them an extra pair of eyes for what they need is the least that we can do.”

They’re collecting baby formula donations and cash donations to help families struggling.

“All of the croissants, all of the cookies that we sell in house, all of the pastries, those sales are all getting applied to getting formula. Moms will come in, and I’m just giving it to them.

It may not look like a huge collection now, but it’s worth helping, even if it’s only one mom.

“If I can get to the stores and find a single thing of formula for one mom, I think that’s a win,” she said.

With Abbott opening their formula plant and lawmakers pushing for more supply, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Rogers said: “Not soon enough. Truthfully not soon enough.”

The Department of Public Health is urging all parents to talk with their pediatricians. The two most important things not to do is water down your baby formula and make sure that you’re not trying any homemade recipes.

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