Lil G’s Wagons of Hope nears 10th-anniversary helping local kids

Published: May. 17, 2022 at 5:58 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Another year means 16-year-old Gracey Chafin is donating another round of Wagons of Hope to children’s hospitals.

Now, she’s a sophomore at Fox Creek High School in Edgefield County. Chafin’s mission is close to her heart, and it started many years ago.

“It’s crazy knowing how far it’s grown,” she said.

Chafin’s amazed at what Lil G’s Wagons of Hope has done over the last ten years.

She started it when she was six after her best friend received a leukemia diagnosis.

“She lost all her hair going through treatment and everything, so my mom and I decided to cut all of our hair off, and we probably donated 17 inches altogether. My little six-year-old self was like, nope, this is not enough, we’ve gotta do more,” said Chafin.

She sold almost all her toys at a yard sale. Chafin wanted to use the money she raised to help the children’s hospital.

“We called the hospital, and we asked what they wanted, and they said they needed toys, but they really need wagons,” she said.

She says it’s because kids feel more comfortable riding in wagons than wheelchairs.

“I see kids all the time, in the wagons whenever I go up there, and it means a lot knowing that it means a lot to them,” said Chafin.

They’ve donated more than 50,000 toys and 500 wagons to hospitals over the last decade.

She loves seeing how much it’s grown, and she’s excited to see it grow some more.

Chafin is planning a donation for her birthday in about two weeks. She hopes to collect 5,000 toys and 25 wagons. This would be her largest donation ever.

“That’s crazy just knowing how it’s grown cause you wouldn’t expect it to start just from 10 wagons and then grow to this,” she said.

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