Colquitt woman celebrates turning 102 after getting COVID twice

Georgia resident Emma Smith recently celebrated her 102nd birthday. (Courtesy: WALB)
Published: May. 16, 2022 at 11:54 AM EDT
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COLQUITT, Ga. (WALB) - Inside a Colquitt home is a story of a woman that has lived for 102 years...and counting.

Emma Smith says she’s never drunk or smoked.

She credits her long life to her faith, and that is for good reason. Smith was sent home to die a few years ago after taking a fall. Also, since the pandemic began, she’s gotten COVID-19 twice.

On her 100th birthday, the pandemic was in full swing. So, her family asked for community support. Initially, they wanted 100 cards for the centenarian, but she ended up being gifted 250.

Smith says this birthday made her top 102.
Smith says this birthday made her top 102.(WALB)

What also helps her out is that she has a long list of relatives that have either crossed or gotten near the century mark.

Smith was born in Alabama and spent most of her life in the southeast. When growing up, the Great Depression hit her family hard.

“Working in the field, walking to school, crunching in the snow,” Smith said.

With a giggle, she said that kids today have it much easier than kids in her time. In the 1930s, she said her family had never seen a car, and when they did, they were scared.

These days she’s not up to a lot, but she says two things that keep her interested.

“I like quilting, I like flowers,” Smith said. Smith has made over 200 quilts in her life.

She’s lived in Colquitt for nearly 40 years, a place that she says she loves.

“It’s quiet. It’s not so much going on.”

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