Suspect takes stand in Columbia County toddler murder trial

Published: May. 12, 2022 at 6:40 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA COUNTY (WRDW/WAGT) - Charles Sconyers is on trial for the murder of a Columbia County 2-year-old. On Thursday, he took the stand.

Defense attorney: “Did you... Hurt Lincoln?”

Sconyers: “No sir... I would never... I’d never hurt any child.”

There was about an hour of testimony Thursday from Sconyers, the Augusta firefighter arrested for the 2019 murder of DaVitte.

The defense continued with several witnesses including family, friends, and medical professionals.

Sconyers: “Ultimately, he became my son.”

Defense attorney: “And you thought of him that way?”


Sconyers: “I thought of him that way.”

On day four of the trial, Sconyers gave an emotional testimony, breaking down what he says happened on May 1, 2019.

It started with picking DaVitte up from daycare.

“He came up, and he was tearing up a little bit. I figured he was just sad because he didn’t like to leave his friends a lot,” he said.

Sconyers says they headed home. They were going to play outside when they got home. He says he opened the back door and went into the bathroom to adjust his knee brace.

“He was right behind me standing there, and I said I’d be there in a minute, and I pushed the door shut, and he took off running. A few seconds later, I hear him running, and that’s when I heard the thump,” he said.

Sconyers says he heard a type of scream, and then it was quiet.

“I found him in the back laying on the back patio, and he was laying like this, and he turned his head just a little bit, and then he went out of it,” he said.

He says he stabilized his neck and called 911. He told paramedics who he was and was trying to help.

Defense attorney: “How often do you think about this?”

Sconyers: “Every day, every night, I re-live it. I just wish there was something I could do. I did everything I could possibly do to help him.”

He says he would never do anything like this to anyone.

Defense attorney: “Did you hurt Lincoln?”

Sconyers: “No sir. I would never. I would never hurt him or any child.”

The defense rested its case after one last question.

Defense attorney: “Are you telling the truth this afternoon?”

Sconyers: “Yes. I swear to God.”

The prosecution will have a chance for a rebuttal Friday, where they will have another witness take the stand.

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