4-year project to widen Furys Ferry Road in Columbia County

Published: Apr. 21, 2022 at 5:51 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Construction is something drivers and residents along Furys Ferry Road are starting to get used to.

Officials with Columbia County say we can expect to see more movement and more crews working, but they say this is a big project, and there’s more happening than what you see from the road.

When you drive down Furys Ferry Road, it looks like a jumbled mess of construction. As drivers whiz by, workers have been here for about a year, doing more than piling up dirt.

“It’s a big project. It’s three-point-eight or three and a half miles from Evans to Locks to the state line. There are a lot of moving parts,” said Kyle Titus of Columbia County engineering.

The tubes and lines are a part of their current project phase.

“We’re doing heavy utility relocation work to include gas, water, sanitation, and sewer,” he said.

The county says that includes a lot of earthwork, like grading, drilling rocks, and clearing hills. That’s never easy with the 14,000 cars traveling on Furys Ferry every day.

“The less traffic that we put on them, the safer it is, and of course, the more efficiently they can work,” said Titus.

According to the county, this is an area that’s seen only an increasingly large amount of people each year.

“We know it’s inconvenient, but unfortunately, it’s the price of progress, and Columbia County is growing extremely rapidly,” he said.

One of the most challenging parts of this project is keeping roads open while having to build another road around them. And if it seems like the four-year project is slow-moving, Mother Nature is the one to blame.

Right now, Lewiston and Flowing Well roads are being widened. The next project is the widening of Hardee McManus Road and then other roads around the area.

“The weather is always a big factor. Currently, it’s contracted for four years, but it very well maybe four and a half or five years depending on the weather,” said Titus.

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