Video shows street racers creating dangerous situation in middle of day

Published: Apr. 5, 2022 at 5:43 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Scenes of illegal street racers taking over midtown intersections many say is a far too common sight.

New video shows the incidents aren’t just under the cover of darkness.

“It’s not just at night anymore, we’re starting to see it in the day now,” said Samuel Chatman, who shot the video.

The incident happened over the weekend next to the Varsity restaurant at Spring Street and North Avenue.

“At that moment, I didn’t know if there was going to be a gun fight. I just saw a large crowd of people running into the middle of the street,” Chatman said.

He’s a real estate agent and said street racing is hurting his business and the city’s image.

“That affects our market in a lot of ways because coming to Atlanta. You want to come to a place where you can mix and meet with people in a good environment. But with things like that taking place it’s really making it difficult, especially for me, taking clients out to see properties and you can’t get across the street because there’s this big ol’ drag race.”

At the same time on the same day, the community of Lilburn experienced the same scenes.

Leaders reporting they have been making headway against racing organizers utilizing multi-agency partnerships.

Metal plates were installed at the Rainbow Crosswalk by city leaders as a solution to stop drag racing and so far it has worked.

“Any intersection where we see repeated behavior like this, metal plates should be on the table and I think they are,” said Amir Farohki, Atlanta council member for district 2.

The Midtown Association said they are happy with the installation of the plates.

“Midtown appreciates the creative steel plate solution to stop drag racing and we thank the APD, DOT and Council Members Farokhi and Wan for addressing it immediately. The plates need to be installed just right so they do not cause a continual noise disturbance, but they can be quickly authorized and are highly effective,” said Courtney R. Smith, Midtown Neighbor’s Association President.

City leaders adding they are constantly working solutions to thwart the dangerous behavior.

“City’s around the country have tried different approaches with ripples on the road to more robust enforcement if they have the resources from their police department, more cameras,” Farohki said.

Leaders say if you do come across illegal street racing, call 911 so officers can respond and it also helps creates data points so they’re aware the certain spot may need more patrols, lighting, license plate readers, and other deterrents.