Masters patrons are pulling for Tiger’s return at Augusta National

Published: Apr. 4, 2022 at 6:53 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - On Monday at the Masters, the big question on everyone’s mind was: Will Tiger Woods play?

The five-time Masters champion says it will be a game-time decision.

He was at Augusta National Golf Club Sunday and Monday practicing and preparing, in case he does decide to play.


Woods has only played one tournament since a car accident in February of last year left him with debilitating injuries.

The patrons want to see him out here, and even the golfers want to see him out here.

With the Masters back in full swing comes a familiar sea of pastel patrons, and this year they’re all buzzing about one thing.

“I thought maybe Tiger would play,” said Jay Reed, a first-timer from California.

“He’s here and he’s practicing. He flew up early. I think everything is pointing to him playing. It would be great to see Tiger Woods back again.”

Less than 14 months after an injury that nearly took his leg, competing at this level would be a feat just shy of a miracle.

Tiger transcends generations, so it’s a completely different course when he’s on the property.

You know it just from the sound of the crowds.

So the people are pulling for golf’s greatest comeback by one of golf’s greatest.

“I’ve never seen him in real life. I’ve seen him on TV of course, but I would like to see him today,” said Lincoln Rubis.

Zachary Rubis said: “Never gives up. Probably the best player in the world.”

Michelle Kastan said: “Tiger’s great for golf. I hope he can get back. I hope he is physically OK to do it.”

Parker Brown hopes he can play.

“I mean, it’s really cool like, how he can recover from what happened to him in that car crash,” Brown said.

Gayle Haase said: “If he can walk the course, I guess he’s going to be able to do it.”

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