What the Tech | 5G will change how we get internet in our homes

Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 7:02 PM EST
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - The way you get internet at your house may be changing with “5G”.

Some cell companies are introducing new devices that bring internet into homes the same way your phone connects.

Jamey Tucker is taking a hands-on look at the new products to see if they work.

“We’ve all got internet routers in the house with those antennas popping out from everywhere. Now that 5G is rolling out all over the country, that ugly router can be replaced with this cool-looking box,” said Tucker.

“You’ve got your router here,” said Steve Van Dinter.

He unboxes Verizon’s new internet gateway. A box that connects with a nearby cell tower. No additional Wi-Fi router is needed, no installation either.

“What we’re doing is taking that from outside, converting it to Wi-Fi, and connecting your devices,” he said.

Van Dinter set up the device in Jim Garrett’s home, in the suburbs, maybe a mile from the nearest cell tower. We moved it from one room to the other, looking for the fastest connection.

How fast is it? The Verizon 5G home topped out around 100 megabytes per second. Less than half of Garrett’s cable internet speed.

“You may live in a C-band area and not currently getting offered the product but keep checking back because they’re going to add cities through the rest of this year,” said Van Dinter.

T-Mobile has a similar device and service. Again, bringing the internet from a cell tower to the home, through a small device. There’s a cost-saving, Garrett’s cable internet is around $100 a month. This device is $25 a month for Verizon customers.

“The setup was so quick and easy. I can get rid of a bunch of devices and make space, and it’s wireless,” said Garrett.

So is it a good deal? It depends on how many devices you have connected to the internet and how close you are to a cell tower. If you’re near a big city, it will be much faster.

The 5G rollout began last week. Check your provider’s 5G map of service to get an idea of what you can get in your house.

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