Waffle House secrets revealed on how your order is tracked

The “Waffle House Index” goes red due to coronavirus pandemic
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Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 2:42 PM EST
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ATLANTA (WGCL/CBS46) - You’ll probably never look at condiments the same, thanks to a viral video revealing Atlanta-based Waffle House’s secret plate-marking system for keeping track of your order.

The now not-so-secret system was recently brought to the attention of TikTok by one of its workers, @hotsoupandcracker.

Turns out, servers and cooks strategically place condiments, utensils, and food pieces on a plate to indicate a customer’s order.

For example, if you see jelly packet placed vertically at the bottom of a plate, it indicates that the customer ordered scrambled eggs. But if the packet it placed at the top of the plate, that means the eggs should be served sunny side up.

While the video created a lot of confusion among viewers, Waffle House grill operators say it is second nature.

Here are some of the other markings included in the video:

  • If an upside-down mayo packet is placed near a single vertical jelly packet, on the bottom of the plate, the customer would like runny scrambled eggs.
  • A mayo packet near a butter packet — when the butter packet is on the cook’s board, and not a plate — indicates the customer wants light waffle
  • If a right-side up mayo packet is on a plate, it means a darker waffle
  • A napkin, topped with a packet of brown sugar, means the customer wants to substitute grits for oatmeal

…and the list goes on!

The system was originally created by Waffle House cooks in the restaurant’s early stages, according to Yahoo. Some TikTok viewers were stunned by the marking system and impressed so many employees knew it from memory.

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