Local 7-year-old burn victim using her story to help others

Published: Dec. 22, 2021 at 6:48 PM EST
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - An unfortunate accident changed a local 7-year-old for life. She now lives with scars after spilling boiling water on herself. Instead of living with the pain left by those marks she uses it as a reminder to help others in similar situations.

Social media is used for so many reasons whether that be good or bad. Little Tyneka White made a TikTok to try and help others who may have gone through the same traumatic experience she did.

Tyneka’s mom calls her a diva making sure her makeup’s perfect before going on-camera, but over the summer she wasn’t able to even do that.

“She was holding her hand and I thought she smashed her hand in the door until I got to her and I looked at her back and all I saw was pink,” said Ashkea White, Tyneka’s mother.

She suffered second-degree burns after boiling water from ramen noodles that fell on her hands, shoulder, and down her back.

“We basically had to be by her side 24 hours a day,” said Ashkea.

Over the last three years, 54 percent of pediatric burns sent to Burn and Reconstructive Centers of America were serious burns. Ramen noodles, coffee, tea or bathwater were the culprits.

“I felt so hopeless, helpless,” said Ashkea.

Her daughter took to social media to share a message.

“I was at work having a horrible day and I was like let me look at my baby’s TikTok videos and I came across her praying,” said Ashkea.

It may be hard to understand but she’s praying on TikTok for anyone who experienced the same thing she has.

“She said ‘Mama I want to help somebody else out,’” said Ashkea.

It was hard to go to school with scars and what Tyneka calls her ugly skin.

“I just was covering my hand up,” said Tyneka.

She wanted to make sure no one was alone and healing comes with time.

“It will get better one day at a time,” said Ashkea.

She wants this to be a warning to other families too.

“As parents, it’s kind of hard to be by your child’s side 24/7. All I say is take the extra moment to think about some of the items you’re allowing them to warm up or fix,” said Ashkea.

Tyneka’s mom says she still has some pain in her back but doctors say she’s healing up really quickly. We asked Tyneka if she’s going to keep making videos for people and she said yes.

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