Family speaks out on Aiken day-care lawsuit, demands site’s closure

Published: Dec. 1, 2021 at 7:49 PM EST
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BAMBERG, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - An Aiken day-care center is now being sued by a local mom after police say a day-care worker caused a knot on a 3-year-old under her care.

Now we’re getting a first-hand look at what happened.

It happened in October at the Sunshine House off Summerwood Way in Aiken. Day-care worker Daja Brown was arrested and charged with unlawful neglect of a child then later fired. But the toddler’s mom says that’s not enough.

The suit states two boys were pouring their milk in the sink and Odom’s son spilled some on the floor. The mom alleges the worker’s actions are an act of retaliation for a child’s accident. This is not the first alleged abuse incident at this location, and now they’re demanding Sunshine House close the Summerwood location.

Ahsana Odom said the worst call she got was that her child hit his head.

“Hard to watch even when I was there. It was just shocking because they told me he hit his head on the floor and then a shelf and then a table,” said Odom.

In a written report by the Sunshine House, they say her son tripped over his shoe after pulling away from the teacher, causing him to trip into the cubbies.

“This toddler was effectively tossed like a piece of garbage head first into some cubbies,” said Justin Bamberg, principal attorney at Bamberg Legal, LLC.



Odom says Sunshine House didn’t call for medical attention or the police. So Odom did, and started asking more questions.

“It’s a nightmare. I just feel like it’s a nightmare; you know he’s 3, he’s a baby,” said Odom.

Sunshine House issued us a statement in November stating they followed state regulations, terminated Brown after 60 days, and their hearts were heavy over the incident.

“As though having a brand-new employee is justification for the employee to abuse and neglect children,” said Bamberg.

A 2019 lawsuit against Sunshine House alleged five children were abused and neglected. And it drew a very similar heavy-hearted response.

“Their hearts aren’t broken. Their hearts are fine, and so are their wallets,” said Bamberg.

There are three Sunshine House locations within 10 minutes of one another. The suit claims this location has problems with staffing, training and supervising, according to a state review. We looked and according to state guidelines, 52 percent of the violations could pose a risk or negatively impact the health and safety of children.


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