Crews mark boundaries for Army Corps of Engineers areas at lake

Strom Thurmond lake
Strom Thurmond lake(WRDW)
Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 2:06 PM EST
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CLARKS HILL LAKE, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Workers this fall and winter are marking trees along a 50-mile boundary at the corps’ Strom Thurmond Project.

The trees are marked with a 4-inch painted band halfway around the trunk. In certain areas, the size of the mark is reduced to be less obtrusive in adjacent subdivisions.

Crews will work primarily on the westernmost boundary starting near Little River Access/Highway 78 within McDuffie County and ending near the entry of Lloyd Creek, north of Clay Hill Campground within Lincoln County.

The work encompasses boundary lines at the Thompson Boating Club, Gresham Park Boating Club, Clay Hill and Fish and Ski Boating Club, as well as Holliday Park, Amity Recreation Area and Clay Hill Campground.

The work crews will scrape off old paint and use bright orange paint to make boundary lines more visible. They’ll also trim heavy brush to clear the boundary line between the painted trees.

The marked trees do not delineate the exact boundary; instead, they are guides to the approximate boundary line, which may be marked with monuments and pins.

The contractors complete work on foot with hand tools. In most cases, workers will avoid crossing private property. If the contractor cannot access public land without first crossing over private property, all efforts will be made to contact the owner for permission and to avoid impacts to private property.

Adjacent property owners should remove any personal items that may have crossed the government line and pets should not be unattended on public land, especially when workers are present.

The work will wrap up before spring.

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