Augusta Tech offering tuition-free training for high-demand jobs

Published: Nov. 10, 2021 at 6:45 PM EST
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - A new facility is expected to bring 125 jobs to the city. It’ll go on 150 acres of land over at Augusta Corporate Park off Mike Padgett Highway. We learned more about the opportunities available and how you can sharpen your skills to snag the job.

So many jobs like these are coming to our area right now, but the biggest issue employers are facing is not having enough people to fill them. This is leading to competing wages, sign-on bonuses, and increased benefits and inflation. The best way to beat it – skills training. We talked to the president of Augusta Technical College who says their programs are for everyone.

“Everybody’s situation is different, you know, and I think the biggest thing with education is you just have to make the commitment but if you make the commitment to come to us we will work day and night and overtime to help you succeed in whatever it is that you want to achieve,” said Jermaine Whirl, president of Augusta Technical College.

Augusta Tech has about 40 tuition-free programs all in high-demand fields like HVAC, welding, manufacturing, computer programming and nursing.

“And we guarantee our graduates so the knowledge that you walk away from you will be successful and you are able to work in your field at a high level,” he said.

They work closely with the big employers in our area to make sure their training is up to date so you’re ready to enter the workforce immediately after graduation because time isn’t an option for a lot of us they have another program.

“We have a short-term program called FAST which is an acronym for Focused Accelerated Skills Training,” he said.

It’s 90 days or less compared to the HOPE career programs that range from a semester to a year. Augusta Tech says their graduates make on average $9,000 more a year and commissioners say it’s great seeing them grow the workforce.

“Augusta Tech is doing a great job of getting out front of making sure that those skills are in place have been a great partner and I think as we move forward you’re going to see that type of investment really help Augusta prosper,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

So when these jobs come you’re ready.

“More importantly take advantage of it now is the time with so many opportunities coming to the market place a lot of new companies are coming they are looking for Augustans to fill those jobs,” said Whirl.

Brandon Garrett says going forward you’re going to start seeing even more developments like this coming to the area so now is a great time to take advantage of Augusta Tech’s opportunities and get the skills in advance.

For a closer look at all the resources Augusta Tech has to offer visit Augusta Tech Employment and Human Resources.

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