Police report shares details on tasing incident leaving man brain dead

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 6:44 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - A Richmond County man is now brain dead after a traffic stop took a turn. The family of 24-year-old Jermaine Jones says they’re in the process of deciding when to take him off life support.

The sheriff’s office says one of its deputies tased Jones after he ran from the scene of a traffic stop Monday night. Thursday we got a look at the incident report for this case.

The incident report explains the reason the three men were initially pulled over was for a tinted case covering the license plate. Then several more investigators showed up and asked the driver Jermaine’s uncle for consent to search the vehicle.

At this point the incident report states another deputy arrived on scene with a K9 who smelled narcotics in the car. The three men are then removed from the car and put on the curb.

The report says while one investigator was searching the area where Jermaine was sitting Jermaine stood up and told his dad he was going to run. The investigator found a handgun and crack pipe under the rear passenger seat and then Jermaine took off running. Investigator Russell used his taser hitting the back of Jones which caused him to fall on the ground. After a brief struggle Jones was taken to custody.

But his family is asking why was he not given medical attention sooner? His medical records show he had a significant brain hemorrhage in multiple parts of his brain, along with bruising in his brain, and part of his brain was swollen.

Now his family says they’re selfishly holding on to his physical body until they’re ready to say goodbye. They say it wasn’t exactly a brief struggle after he was tased instead they say he was beaten.

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