Nonprofit Changing Faces hit with more accusations over money

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 7:47 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - More complaints are pouring in about how a nonprofit is spending its money.

We’ve told you about Changing Faces. It’s a local group whose goal is to help families find homes. But now we’re hearing from viewers who claim the nonprofit is hurting more than it’s helping.

The doors on the Changing Up thrift store are closed, just like they were when we went by last week.

We reached out to owner Patricia Johnson who says she stands behind her organizations mission to help families, children and individuals 100 percent.

But many of her renters feel don’t feel the same.

The way it’s supposed to work is clients pay their rent to Changing Faces, which in turn pays the apartment complex.

After she experienced homelessness for more than two years, Changing Faces was a new beginning for Adrian McGarity and her family.

“Everything was fine and we signed paperwork to get the leasing agreement and things like that,” she said.

But like other families we’ve heard from, things started not to add up.

“Things started to shift and change and it wasn’t the same program that we thought we were working with,” said McGarity.

Bank statements and payment receipts show McGarity pays rent each month. The apartment complex says it hasn’t had a late payment.

“Our rent is higher than what the actual complex is because of all the fees and things that she has, and now she’s telling us we have $3,000 in late fees when we pay our rent at least by the end of the month,” said Rivera.

Rivera is also in the program after leaving a domestic situation.

“I came to Changing Faces so that I could move fast,” she said.

She’s been with the program for almost a month sending her rent to the online PayPal portal on the Changing Faces website.

“She was saying that I didn’t pay her and that I was running behind two months of paying her, when I have receipts and bank statements, and then she told me that my bank statements weren’t valid,” she said.

“I have a son and I’m not trying to end up on the streets,” said McGarity. “I was just, you know, scared.”

Now feeling hopeless and alone, these families are left with nowhere to turn.

“To be able to continue living here the way we have been. We can’t,” she said.

Changing Faces works with the Augusta Housing Authority to put families in homes.

We’ve reached out to the executive director four times in the last week and haven’t had any luck.

The district attorney’s office didn’t want to comment either.

We are still waiting on paperwork for the 19 lawsuits against Changing Faces.

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