Columbia County’s Sheriff’s Office gets ‘perfect audit’

Published: Sep. 17, 2021 at 6:03 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - The Columbia County Sherriff’s Office getting recognition Friday after receiving a perfect audit for the way they handle information. It all comes down to their “Terminal agency coordinator.” The TAC serves as a close communicator between the agency and state and today Georgia and Columbia County rewarded one of their very own after he helped them have a clean audit.

“It’s always nice to be recognized for doing a good job,” said Captain Paul Burks.

Burks has worn many hats.

“I’ve been a Columbia County for 25 years,” he said.

From a member of the GCIC Advisory Board to being fully committed to his TAC duties.

“My job was to educate and monitor our employees to make sure the compliance is being met,” he said.

For 13 years he has helped build a strong relationship between the Columbia County Sheriffs Office and GCIC.

“We have to maintain compliance with the state and federal laws that primary but secondly we are dealing with people’s information, criminal history, or drivers info a lot of personal information so it’s imperative that everything that everything is accurate and complete,” he said.

He says after a random in-person audit along with viewing many records the Columbia County Sheriffs Office had a 100 percent compliance audit so the Georgia TAC Association presented Captain Burks an award as TAC of the year.

“I’ve been the TAC here for 13 years this is the first perfect audit we got on a full GCIC audit,” he said. “The agencies here do such a good job on a day today.”

A job he says has helped make his duties a whole lot easier.

“You know they really deserve the credit they made my job easy they made me successful,” he said.

There’s a total of 770 agencies that received the audit and only six including Columbia County received perfect audits.

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