Local nurse manager encourages community to get vaccinated

Published: Sep. 7, 2021 at 9:51 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRWD/WAGT) - One local nurse manager is not only stepping up in the community by providing medical assistance but also spoken words for people who are still on edge about getting the COVID vaccine.

As we continue to navigate our way through this pandemic, she says people are letting their guards down and that’s why she decided to use the power of her voice to express the importance of protection.

“Trust is what brings It the loyalty and loyalty is what makes us trust,” said Tangella Fields.

For Fields, it all happened so quick.

“My son’s grandmother she passed away of COVID...she got sick,” she said.

She says that’s why she’s continuing to encourage people to take responsibility. A change she’s trying to achieve through spoken words.

“So us real ones us real ones must lead by example. We must lead by example to motivate not to intimidate but we are here to demonstrate,” she said.

She says it’s something she is not only encouraging as a frontline worker but also as a mom.

“If we don’t get a hold on it now we will fail as a society,” she said.

She says her message is not to encourage or discourage vaccinations, but instead to help people understand the power behind one personal decision.

“Really want people to be more vigilant even if you don’t want to mask up or take the vaccine think about the person you could give a death sentence to,” she said.

She says she writes with hope. Hope that her words could reach at least one person. Hope that her words could save at least one life.

“People say where did you come up with those words here from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks,” she said.

She says in the end the choice is up to you but she hopes all her long nights of working and hours of writing touches people sooner rather than later.

“A lot of people won’t know until it knocks on your door but let’s not wait for that,” she said.

Tangella says so far her words have been helping people including her own sister who decided to get fully vaccinated.

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