I-TEAM: Mom goes to court over assault on day-care teacher

Published: Sep. 7, 2021 at 9:06 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - The I-Team first showed you a video of a local mother attacking her son’s teacher at a church day-care in Grovetown, but the mom faced a Columbia County judge Tuesday to talk about another fight — one some say has been playing out on social media.

When someone is arrested on battery charges, it’s not unusual for a judge to issue a no-contact order when setting bail, but Kasey Brooks did not have any conditions when she was released.

The teacher’s attorney said that needed to change.

On Tuesday, a judge agreed and allowed the change. There is now a no-contact order, but there’s still some gray area when it comes to who posts what online.

This case is already playing out in the court of public opinion.

Exhibit A: 28-year-old Kasey Brooks’ GoFundMe page created shortly after her arrest on battery charges. She sounds like a mama bear watching “Video surveillance” of her “2-year-old non-verbal son” “Physically abused” by his preschool teacher at St. Theresa of Avila in Grovetown.

Exhibit B: The teacher’s attorney sends the I-Team a video of what he calls a “Primal assault.” According to the incident report, Brooks hit the teacher repeatedly in the head and even bit her hand. It says the 61-year-old went to the hospital by ambulance.

The court, however, can control how those involved in the case comment.

Jack Long, the teacher’s attorney, argued Brooks’ family targeted the teacher’s husband online specifically his business, but he didn’t offer any proof or examples.

“She’s gone on a crowdfunding campaign to try to capitalize on this, raising thousands upon thousands of dollars over the scope of the weekend,” said Long.

Meanwhile, attorney Kimberly Wilder said Long himself is using the court of public opinion.

“The attorney for the alleged victim released the video of what happened. So that’s not Mrs. Brook’s fault. That’s not something that should be counted against her,” said Wilder.

At least...not in the actual courtroom.

For those of you following along, you get to be the judge.

As for the no-contact order, there will be another hearing to hammer out the specifics of what that means for social media. The mom’s lawyer says she wants to make sure she doesn’t get in trouble for something someone else posts online. The teacher is on administrative leave from the school. She is not facing any charges, but Columbia County Deputies confirm they are looking into allegations of child abuse and reviewing video. We’ll keep you posted.

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